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lượt xem, tính từ 20/12/2006

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Flash Support Group




Princeton Technology Corporation - Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Danh mục nội dung: Danh mục chính/1. Bộ nạp ROM (Device Programmer): Thông tin chung và chỉ dẫn/1.3. Bộ nạp liền bo mạch (In-system programmers)

  Multilink: Debug Probe - Bộ gỡ rối USB Multilink 2019-11-19

Ghi chú : Mạch gỡ rối debug
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Nhãn hiệu : PEmicro

Xuất xứ (C/O) : Mỹ/USA

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Tính năng :

PEmicro’s USB Multilink is an all-in-one development interface which allows a PC access to the Background Debug Mode (BDM) or JTAG interface on wide range of ARM Cortex and NXP®/STmicroelectronics processor families. The Multilink is available in two different configurations, MULTILINK_ACP and MULTILINK_UNIVERSAL, which have the same functionality and vary only by their supported MCU's. It connects between a USB port on a Windows machine and the standard debug connector on the target. The NXP & STmicroelectronics microcontrollers are supported via the multiple headers located under a flip lid on the USB Multilink. Ribbon cables suitable for a variety of architectures are included.

Pin Driver:

On-board debugger

  Mô tả chi tiết :

By using the USB Multilink, the user can take advantage of the background debug mode to halt normal processor execution and use a PC to control the processor. The user can then directly control the target’s execution, read/write registers and memory values, debug code on the processor, and program internal or external FLASH memory devices.

Multilink Features

  • USB interface from PC to Multilink allows for fast, easy programming and debugging -- with the ease and compatibility of the USB interface.
  • Draws power from USB interface-- no separate power supply required (draws less than 1mA from the target).
  • Target Voltage: 1.8V-5.25V
  • Supports JTAG daisy chaining of multiple ARM MCUs
  • Pipelined programming algorithms for some Power Architecture families that dramatically increase programming speed.
  • ARM device support includes both the JTAG and SWD protocols
  • Includes USB cable, Type A Male to Type B Male, 6-ft.
  • Auto-frequency detection + trimming capabilities for HCS08 devices.
  • Auto-frequency detection for HC(S)12(X) devices.
  • Generates programming voltage on RESET line for RS08 devices.

Feature Spotlight:

PEmicro's no-cost GDB Server for ARM devices (Eclipse plug-in) includes the following powerful features:

  • Real-Time Expression View 
    This view gives the user the ability to view variables and memory while a target ARM device is running. Sometimes the process of halting the target masks a bug. Sometimes, in order to reproduce a particular bug, the program must be kept running while being fed a particular set of data. In those cases, having the ability to view variable values as they change without halting the target is a great asset.
  • OS-Aware Feature Supports FreeRTOS 
    The GDB server will automatically detect the presence, type, and configuration of an OS by querying the application’s symbol table for identifying characteristics. Using these discovered symbols, the debugger can traverse the kernel’s internal data structures to enumerate the available threads and their corresponding execution context. This information is then used to dynamically populate the Eclipse views as the user navigates between the threads. Additional OS support is expected to be added soon.
  • Single-Wire Output (SWO) Debug Tools
    By using NXP's MCUXpresso or PEmicro's plug-in for ARM-based GDB IDEs, users can monitor multiple variables and expressions in real time, use printf calls to be notified when specific events occur during the debug session, and use trace capture to log user-specified events and triggers. This allows much more insight into the operation of the user's code.

Supported MCUs

There are two Multilink models which offer the same features and differ only by the processors that they support: The Multilink ACP supports ARM devices only, while the Multilink Universal offers broader device support.

Note: Older revisions of the Multilink Universal (Rev A and B) only support Freescale/NXP ARM devices.

8/16/32 bit devices:

ColdFire® V1

ColdFire® V2/V3/V4





HCS08, RS08
ARM Cortex devices:

Silergy (Maxim):

Silicon Labs:EFM32EFR32SiM3
Texas Instruments:LM3SLM4SimpleLinkTM4C12x

Note: Multilink support for NXP's MPC5xx/8xx, 68HC16, and 683xx devices is available on PEmicro's Multilink FX.

Supported Software

Need more features?

For a debug probe with high end features, high speed performance interface which can also supply power to the target, please see the USB Multilink FX.

For portability, stand-along programming, production programming as well as debugging capabilites, see the Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX stand alone programmer, test & debug interfaces.

Optional Accessory

The USB Multilink Universal includes a ribbon cable for connecting to ColdFire V2-4 targets, however the MCF5272 & MCF5206(E) devices will require a separate adapter cable (not included) to synchronize the communications signals (as these devices do not do this on-chip).

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