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Power Supply

Shenzhen KESD Technology Co.,Ltd.

Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Category: Main/3. Electronics Equipments & Systems for embedded electronics design and PCB assembly/3.2. Power Supply, Power meter and Electronics Load

  PR35-5A-3CP: 5A Three Channels Programmable DC Power Supply (35V, 5A, 3-channels)
  Part#: ATTEN PR35-5A-3CP 5A
  Giá (chưa VAT): 12.300.000đ
  Ghi chú: Bộ nguồn DC có thể lập trình ba kênh PR35-5A-3CP 5A
  Nhãn hiệu: ATTEN (Trung Quốc/ China)
  Cấu hình: 355W: 2x 0-35@0-5V, 1x 5V@1A (fixed)
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 ◊ Đặc điểm chính:
Product overview:

This product has high precision, high reliability, adjustable constant voltage, constant current DC regulated voltage. The product has the advantages of simple operation, durability and complete functions.

Product features:
  • The product adopts double four-position voltage, current display with high precision, high reliability, low ripple, low noise, low temperature drift characteristics.  
  • Independent hardware OVP, OCP protection, OHP protection, fast response, one step faster.
  • OVP, OCP protection value can be set separately, and the application range is wider.
  • Quick series and parallel operation, no need for external adapter cable, more convenient to use.
  • In the series and parallel state, pure hardware shares the same current, fast dynamic response speed, which is more conducive to accurate test.
  • Fully digital MCU control, button, encoder operation, longer service life, long-term guarantee of product accuracy.
  • The three-way power supply is completely isolated from output, operated independently, and does not interfere with each other.
  • Panel door cover protection to prevent wrong operation.
  • Intelligent fan cooling system with built-in linear temperature sensor to control fan speed, with low noise and more silence.
  • The remote control interface supports IEEE std 482.2-1999 and SCPI Specification1999.0
Sản phẩm này có độ chính xác cao, độ tin cậy cao, điện áp không đổi có thể điều chỉnh, điện áp điều chỉnh DC dòng điện không đổi. Sản phẩm có ưu điểm là vận hành đơn giản, bền bỉ và đầy đủ các chức năng.

 ◊ Mô tả chi tiết:

  ● Universal testing in R&D laboratory
  ● Pure power supply for radio frequency, microwave circuits or components
  ● Feature verification and fault diagnosis of devices or circuits
  ● Quality control and quality inspection
  ● Power supply for automotive electronic circuits
  ● Teaching experiments
  ● Production automation testing

Specifications PR35-3A-3CP PR35-5A-3CP
Input voltage:220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(optional)220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(optional )
Rated output power215W  355W  
Output channel:Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3
Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3
Rated output voltage:0~35V 5V(Fixed)0~35V 5V(Fixed)
Maximum preset voltage:105% of ratng (V)105% of ratng (V)
Setting resolution:1mV 1mV 
Setting accuracy:0.2% set + 0.1% ratng0.2% set + 0.1% ratng
Display accuracy:±(0.5% of rdng+2digits)±(0.5% of rdng+2digits)
Line regulation:3mV 4mV 
Load regulation:10mV 10mV 
Transient response:50us 50us 
Ripple noise:0.5mVrms 0.5mVrms 
Output current:0~3A 1A0~5A 1A
Maximum preset current:105% of ratng(A)105% of ratng(A)
Setting resolution:0.1mA 0.1mA 
Setting accuracy:0.3% set +0.1% ratng0.3% set +0.1% ratng
Display accuracy:±(1% of rdng+5digits)±(1% of rdng+5digits)
Line regulation:5mA 5mA 
Load regulation:5mA 5mA 
Ripple noise:1mArms 2mArms 
Temperature coefficient:200ppm/℃(typ)200ppm/℃(typ)
Protection functions:OVP/OCP/OHPOVP/OCP/OHP
Voltage Tracking Characteristic:Series≤300mV
Operating temperature:0℃ to +40℃ 0℃ to +40℃ 
Operating humidity:<85%RH  <85%RH  
Weight:13KG/PCS 14.8KG/PCS 
Communication interface:RS232/USB RS232/USB 

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