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Shenzhen KESD Technology Co.,Ltd.


Princeton Technology Corporation - Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Category: Main/2. Test and Measuament Equipments/2.1. Logic, Spectrum and Vector Network Analyzer; RF Tools

  XSA1015TG, XSA1036TG: 9kHz-1.5GHz/ 3.6GHz Spectrum Analyzer, Máy phân tích phổ
  Part#: OWON XSA1000TG series
  Ghi chú: Máy phân tích phổ
  Nhãn hiệu: OWON (Trung Quốc/ China)
  Video: 9kHz - 1.5GHz / 3.6GHz
  [ Tài liệu Datasheet ]   [ Quotation Quotation sheet ]   [ Shopping Shopping now ]   [ Views: 4192 ]   2021-03-12
 ◊ Đặc điểm chính:

We are known as one of world's leading China manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to buy the famous brands' Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Analyzer, 9 kHz 1.5 GHz 3.6 GHz Analyzer,10.4 inches Spectrum Analyzer from us. We have many products in stock at your choice. Consult the quotation with us now.

XSA1000TG Series Spectrum Analyzer

- Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 3.6 GHz
- 150dBm Displayed Average Noise Level
- Phase Noise -82dBc/Hz @1Gz and offset at 10KHz
- Total Amplitude Accuracy <1.5dB
- 10Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
- EMI Pre-compliance Test Kit
- 1.5 GHz Tracking Generator Kit
- 10.4 inches display

 ◊ Mô tả chi tiết:

1. 10 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) / Băng thông độ phân giải tối thiểu 10 Hz (RBW)

Digital IF technology offers a minimum bandwidth of 10Hz,allowing excellent signal resolution when separation of closely spaced signals is required.

Công nghệ Digital IF cung cấp băng thông tối thiểu 10Hz, cho phép phân giải tín hiệu tuyệt vời khi yêu cầu tách các tín hiệu có khoảng cách gần nhau.

2. Measure -130dB small signal at 10Hz RBW / Đo tín hiệu nhỏ -130dB ở 10Hz RBW 

Offers a DANL (displayed average noise level) down to -130 dBm, which is able to measure smaller signals.

Cung cấp DANL (mức ồn trung bình được hiển thị) xuống đến -130 dBm, có thể đo các tín hiệu nhỏ hơn.

3. Phase noise: <-80 dBc/Hz @1 GHz @ 30 KHz offset / Độ ồn pha: <- 80 dBc / Hz @ 1 GHz @ 30 KHz bù

Excellent phase noise performance - <-80dBc/Hz @30KHz enables users to evaluate most synthesizers and signal generators.

Hiệu suất nhiễu pha tuyệt vời - <-80dBc / Hz @ 30KHz cho phép người dùng đánh giá hầu hết các bộ tổng hợp và bộ tạo tín hiệu.

4. EMI filter and peak detector kit / Bộ lọc EMI và bộ dò đỉnh

OWON offers an EMI filter and peak detector kit to help evaluating EMI levels for pre-compliance testing.

OWON cung cấp bộ lọc EMI và bộ phát hiện đỉnh để giúp đánh giá mức EMI để kiểm tra trước tuân thủ.



Range9kHz-1.5 GHz

9kHz - 3.6 GHz

Frequency span
Range0 Hz,100 Hz to maximum frequency of device
Accuracy± span /(swept points -1)
Internal reference
Reference frequency

10.000000 MHz

Temperature stability<2.5ppm (15℃ to 35℃)
Aging rate<1ppm/year
Resolution bandwidth (-3 dB)10Hz to 500kHz(in 1 to 10 sequence), 1MHz,3MHz
Video bandwidth (-3 dB)10Hz to 3MHz


Displayed average noise level(DANL)
Input attenuation 0 dB,1Hz resolution bandwidth
Preamp off1 MHz~10 MHz -130dBm(nominated)
10 MHz~1GHz -130dBm(nominated)
1GHz~1.5 GHz -128 dBm( nominated )1GHz~3.6 GHz -128 dBm( nominated )
Preamp on1 MHz~10 MHz -150dBm(nominated)
10 MHz~1GHz -150dBm(nominated)
1GHz~1.5 GHz -148 dBm( nominated )1GHz~3.6 GHz -148 dBm( nominated )
Phase noise
20 ℃ ~30 ℃,fc=1 GHz
Phase noise<-82 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset
<-100 dBc/Hz @100 kHz offset
<-110 dBc/Hz @1 MHz offset
Level display range
Log scale coordinate1dB ~255dB
Linear scale coordinate0 to reference level
level unitdBm,dBuW,dBpW,dBmV,dBuV, W,V
Number of traces5
DetectorsPositive-peak, negative-peak, sample, normal, RMS
Trace functionsClear write, Max Hold, Min Hold, View, Blank, Average
Input Attenuation Switching Uncertainty20℃ ~30℃, fc=50 MHz,Preamplifier Off, 20dB RF attenuation,input signal 0~39 dB 
±0.5 dB
Absolute Amplitude Uncertainty20℃ ~30℃, fc=50 MHz,RBW=1 kHz,VBW=1 kHz,peak detector, 20 dB RF attenuation, 
Preamplifier Off ±0.4 dB,input signal= -20dBm 
Preamplifier On ±0.5 dB, input signal= -40dBm
Uncertaintyinput signal range 0dbm~-50dbm
±1.5 dB
VSWRinput 10 dB RF attenuation,1 MHz~1.5GHz
Tracking generator
Output frequency range100 kHz~1.5 GHz
Output power level range-30 dBm~0 dBm ,
Output power level resolution1dB
Output flatness+/-3 dB
Maximum safe reverse levelAverage total power:30 dBm,DC : ±50 VDC
Inputs and Outputs
Front panel RF input connector50 Ω,N-type female
Front panel track generator output50 Ω,N-type female
10 M reference input50 Ω,N-type female
Communication portUSB Host, USB Device, LAN, earphone port, and VGA
General techincal specification
DisplayTFT LCD,10.4 inches
Weight5.0 kg
Dimension (W x H x D) 421 x 221 x 115 (mm)

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