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Shenzhen KESD Technology Co.,Ltd.

Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Danh mục nội dung: Chuyên mục chính/5. Vật tư, hoá chất cho sửa chữa, gia công bảng mạch PCBA/5.5. Keo đỏ SMT, keo phủ và keo đính... (Glue, adhesive, silicon, conformal coating)

  Conformal Coating: Chất phủ mạ ABchimie của Inventec
  Part#: Inventec AVR80BA   [ Sẵn hàng: 17.6 pcs ]
  Ghi chú: Phủ mạ bảo vệ mạch, chống ẩm, chống bẩn...
  Nhãn hiệu: Inventec (Pháp/ France)
  Video: Sơn phủ bảo vệ mạch, chống ẩm, chống sương muối, chống nhiệt, chống bẩn...
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 ◊ Đặc điểm chính:

ABchimie’s conformal coating are specially developed to ensure high protection to PCBAs from their environment.

They improve and extend the working life and reliability of performance. They protect PCBs against harsh environment as salt spray, humidity, temperature, solvent and dust in general, a thin layer (25 to 50 microns). These environmental conditions can cause damage as corrosion, current leakage and failure.

The complete range proposes different base of raw materials:

- Acrylic- UV curing material (Acrylate urethane)
- Silicone- None VOC silicone product
- Urethane- 100% content
- Aqueous urethane 


  Domestic Electrical  Automotive Aerospace
  Medical Military  Industry

 ◊ Mô tả chi tiết:

An alternative to conformal coating is 3M NOVEC Electronic Grade Coatings. These are fluoropolymer coatings for challenging components in PCBA's, LED Lighting displays, MEMS and flexible circuits. They also provide anti-stiction properties for MEMS wafers.

Conformal coating ABChimie
Inventec offers COMPATIBILITY of ECORELTM solder paste with our range of coatings, achieved by the compliance with the BONO test - to assure our residues -are chemically inert and reach excellent adhesion levels in No-Clean processes.


  • AB Chimie AVR-80-BA  (Acrylic Removable Conformal Coating): AVR80 BA conformal coating is a non toxic, flexible transparent acrylic coating for the protection of electronic circuitry formulated to meet the highest resistance requirements. AVR80 BA is designed to be removed with ABchimie SND . 
  • Conformal Coating AB CHIMIE Acrylic thinner DVA BADVA BA is a non toxic solvent blend designed for use with all acrylic based conformal coatings. Especially used for AVR80 BA acrylic coating. The main uses of the thinners is to dilute the coatings for use in dip and spray coating. DVA BA R is a specific thinner which permit to reduce thinner quantity in the mix with AVR80 BA to have higher thickness on the pcb when you spray with a gun (mix is 1:1). 

Quick coating selection guide



Product Name

Main Features







No toxic, no toluene

No toxic gases during repair Oven curing not required Quick Evaporation rate

Excellent adhesion and dielectric properties Coating thickness 25 to 50 microns

IPC-CC-830B, UL94V0, NF EN 61086








Acrylate Urethane UV dual cure





UV Dual cure coating for polymerization on shadow areas

Solvent-free and non-flammable, no VOCs High accurate deposit and process speed Compatible with all dispensing heads Chemical resistance

Coating thickness 30-150 microns IPC-CC-830B, UL94V0, NF EN 61086



ABchimie526UV LED

Very fast curing LED lamp version

Process throughput comparable to UV lamp cure

No temperature applied to the substrate being coated

No extraction system required

ABchimie746E UV LED

Low viscosity allows to limit thickness Reduce microsplash

Soft, permanent and transparent

ABchimie42K UV LED

Soft resin

it can be applied in high thickness deposit





Dual cure: moisture and temperature Low VOCs

Recommended for dipping application







Resistant to most solvents, lubricants and cooling fluids

High gloss finish and high surface resistivity. Coating thickness 25 to 50 micron



Good adhesion Repairable

Excellent surface resistivity


ABchimie proposes a high quality of product
but also proposes ready to use product. You can ask your specific viscosity for your machinery for the same price. We bring you all technical support to help you in your process. Be present and help you is one of our
major involvement to earn your trust.


ABchimie is very involved in these subject, for this reason we are always looking Eco-green alternative when it’s possible. AVR80 BA is the green alternative of common acrylic conformal coating,
this version is no toxic (no labelling). The specific solvent used in this formulation permit to protect people.

This reference is now very well known and used in large quantity in automotive, military and industrial application. Regarding new generation of conformal coating we propose ABchimie526 UV and ABchimie746 E UV which contains no VOC and cure with UV mercury lamp but also with a LED which permit to replace the mercury lamp but a LED lamp 395nm.


1. SPRAYING – Usual method. Very goods results on plane surface.

2. CANS – recommended for repairs, small and medium series.

3. SPRAY GUN – highly economic, hand spray using a spray or aerosol can. All coatings can be applied in this way.

3. SELECTIVE DEPOSIT – Different existing machineries: ASYMTEK, PVA, USI, DIMA . High performance level for mass production, reliability of deposit. All coating types can be used if the correct dispense head is selected.

4. DIPPING – To ensure presence of conformal coating even under components. it is limited to materials that do not cure quickly by moisture, light or oxidation.


You will have to consider the curing method determined by the coating selected, air dry, oven dry or UV light cure. The liquid coating should thoroughly wet all surfaces and cure without leaving surface defects. Epoxies are especially sensitive to surface defects, it can also shrink while setting and may lose adhesion as a result In addition; It is very important to define well your needs:

  • Norms?
  • PCB environment?
  • Reparable?
  • Electric requirement?
  • How you will apply it?

Topklean EL 10F: Chất tẩy rửa PCB & Stencil & DIP Pallet/ Cleaning chemical
PROMOCLEAN DISPER 2: Hoá chất tẩy rửa/ Cleaning chemical
Solder paste: Kem hàn Inventec & Amtech
Inventec appointed TULA as its distributor in Vietnam: performance chemical products for High Tech industries
Solder Flux: Chất trợ hàn Inventec
Cleaning chemicals: Hoá chất tẩy rửa của hãng Inventec
PROMOCLEAN OVEN 4: Hoá chất tẩy rửa, vệ sinh lò hàn thiếc và pallet hàn sóng
QUICKSOLV DEF 90: Chất tẩy rửa đa năng, bay hơi siêu nhanh, không cháy
Conformal Coating: Chất phủ mạ ABchimie của Inventec
Promoclean Disper 610: Chất tẩy rửa pallet hàn sóng của hãng Inventec
TOPKLEAN EL 606: Chất tẩy rửa Mask stencil/ Cleaning chemical
Ecofrec™ TF 49 flux paste: Mỡ hàn Ecofrec TF-49
Solder Flux Ecofrec 320: Chất trợ hàn Ecofrec 320 (Inventec)
Solder Flux Ecofrec 200: Chất trợ hàn Ecofrec 200 (Inventec)
Promoclean TP1128: Chất tẩy rửa DIP pallet hàn sóng của hãng Inventec
Ecofrec 205: Chất trợ hàn/ Solder Flux
Ecorel Free 305-16 T4: Solder paste - Kem hàn Type 4, có 3% bạc (Inventec)
Inventec tham gia triển lãm tại Nepcon Vietnam 2022
Promoclean Disper 707: Chất tẩy rửa PCBA, Dip pallet, Oven parts của hãng Inventec
ECOREL 305-16LVD 88.5T4: Solder paste - Kem hàn Type 4, Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5 (Inventec)

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