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Shenzhen KESD Technology Co.,Ltd.


Princeton Technology Corporation - Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


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  Vortex Tubes: Ống Xoáy Vortex
  Ghi chú: Vòi Xoáy Vortex
  Nhãn hiệu: NEXFLOW (Thái Lan/Thailand)
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 ◊ Đặc điểm chính:

There are three standard sizes for the basic Frigid-X™ vortex tubes – the mini size which uses 2, 4 or 8 SCFM, the most common (medium) size which uses 10, 15, 25, 30 and 40 SCFM, and the large sizes which use 50, 75, 100 and 150 SCFM.  The large sizes are used in heavy industry but can cool to over 10,000 BTU/hr.  Vortex tubes normally come with the “hot end” adjustable to control the flow and temperature out the cold end.  The more flow out the hot side, the lower the temperature out the cold side.  It is important to note that the cooling effect (BTU/hr.) is determined by both flow and temperature drop.  So if cooling effect is important, then the flow out the cold end should be between 60% – 80%.  If the cold temperature is most important, then the flow out the cold end should be under 50%.

All vortex tubes have a “generator” which is sized for a certain flow.  There are basically two kinds of generators- one for cooling effect and then a second kind which limits the flow out the cold end, to achieve very low temperatures.   Depending on the temperature and pressure of the incoming compressed air, it is possible to achieve cold end temperatures as low as minus 40 and even minus 50 degrees F.


  • Cool electronic and electrical control
  • Cool machine operations/tooling
  • Cool CCTV cameras
  • Set hot melt adhesives
  • Cool soldered parts
  • Cool gas samples
  • Cool heat seals
  • Cooling environmental chambers

 ◊ Mô tả chi tiết:

How Vortex Tubes work

Our Stainless Steel vortex tube comes assembled with a brass generator as a standard item rather than cheap plastic for a longer lifespan and for applications in high-temperature environments. With virtually no moving parts, the vortex tube takes compressed air and converts it to cold air as low as minus 50° F (minus 46° C) at one end and hot air at the other up to 260° F (127° C).

Two small vortex tubes

Small Vortex Tube

The small vortex tube size range (2- 8 SCFM) comes in two physical versions – with an adjustable hot end plug that is adjusted using a screwdriver and with a “hand adjustable knob” and a hot end muffler incorporated into the unit.

Two medium vortex tubes

Medium Vortex Tube

The medium vortex tube size range (10- 40 SCFM) also comes in two physical versions – with same adjustable hot end plug that is adjusted using a screwdriver and with the same “hand adjustable knob” and a hot end muffler incorporated into the unit.

For both the small and medium vortex tube you can easily convert the version that needs a screwdriver to the hand adjustable version, which ever is bets suited to the application.

one large vortex tube

Large Vortex Tube

The large vortex tube size range (50 -1150 SCFM) comes in one physical versions only with the adjustable hot end plug that is adjusted using a screwdriver.

Vortex tubes are most often purchase in the following packages:

An image showing the Frigid-X™ Adjustable Spot Cooler

Frigid-X™ Adjustable Spot Cooler

The Frigid-X™ Adjustable Spot Cooler is a low cost and maintenance free system which utilizes a vortex tube to produce cold air at one end. Comes complete with a magnetic base and generally used for laboratory testing or where temperature adjustment is required.

An image showing the Frigid-X™ Tool Cooler

The Frigid-X™ Tool Cooler

The Frigid-X™ Tool Cooler is designed for all types of dry machining applications for materials such as plastic, glass, ceramic, titanium, and others such as aluminum (if not deep hole drilling), and it has even been used for cooling needles in sewing and cutters for textile cutting.   Another application is to cool slitters on plastic extrusion lines.

An image showing a Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler

Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler

The Nex Flow™ Mini Spot Cooler is designed to cool small parts and produces a stream of 15 to 20 degree F (minus 9.5 to 7 degree C) of cold air to prevent heat buildup depending on inlet air temperature.

An image showing a panel cooler

Panel Coolers

The Nex Flow™ Panel Cooler (Cabinet Enclosure Coors) is ideal for especially dirty and humid environments and where service is an issue with traditional industrial air conditioners

An image showing an X-Stream™ Panel Cooler

X-Stream™ Panel Cooler

The X-stream Panel Cooler is a Cabinet Enclosure Cooler with extra sound muffling to maintain noise levels 65 dBA and under. Regular Panel Coolers may be converted to X-stream Panel Coolers by adding the Muffling Kit

An image showing a Frigid-X™ Box Cooler

Frigid-X™ Box Cooler

For cooling small enclosures in laboratories , environmental chambers, and any application where an enclosure needs cooling.

Features / Advantages

  • No moving parts, reliable, maintenance free
  • No coolant
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low cost application
  • Maintenance free units
  • Instant cold air in environmental chambers
  • No spark or explosion hazard
  • Interchangeable generators

How The Vortex Tube Work

Compressed air enters at point (A). Inside the vortex tube, the compressed air is made to spin using a “generator”. It travels in one direction along the small (hot end) tube and then back inside itself in the reverse direction creating one stream of air (B) and the second stream of air (C) in the opposite direction. The outside stream of air gets hot and exhausts at point (D). The center column of air gets cold and exists at point (E). Temperatures and capacities can vary by adjusting the hot end plug at (D) and by using different “generators”


Adjusting the slotted valve at the hot air outlet sets the flow rate and temperature at the cold end. The more air let out at the hot end reduces the cold air flowing and the cold air temperature at the cold end. Close the valve at the hot end and you increase the cold air flow at the cold end as well as the air temperature at the cold end. The percentage of total input air to the vortex tubes that is directed to the cold end is the “cold fraction”. A cold fraction of 60% to 80% produces the optimum refrigeration. See the chart below which indicates the temperature “rise” at the hot end and temperature “drop” at the cold end of a vortex tubes at various input pressures and “cold Fraction” setting.

Most industrial applications, such as electrical control panel cooling, parts cooling, tool cooling require maximum refrigeration and utilize the Frigid-X™ 50000H series. Applications which require extreme cold temperatures such as lab sample cooling, circuit board testing, would utilize the Frigid-X™50000C series. However, mufflers are available for both the cold and hot ends if required.


Small Vortex Tube with Generator

Small Vortex Tube with Generator Cold Muffler

Small Vortex Tube with Generator + Single Point Hose kit

Medium Vortex Tube with Generator

Medium Vortex Tube with Generator, Hand Adjustable Hot End Muffler Assembly

Medium Vortex Tube with Generator, Hand Adjustable Hot End Muffler Assembly + Cold Muffler

Medium Vortex Tube with Generator, Hand Adjustable Hot End Muffler Assembly + Cold Muffler + Single Point Host Kit

Medium Vortex Tube with Generator, Hand Adjustable Hot End Muffler Assembly + Single Point Host Kit

Medium Vortex Tube with Genarator + Cold End Muffler

Medium Vortex Tube with Generator + Cold End Muffler + Single Point Hose Kit

Medium Vortex Tube with Generator + Single Point Host Kit

Large Vortex Tube

Large Vortex Tube with Cold End Muffler


X-Stream™ Hand Vac: Bộ bơm hút chân không X-Stream
NEXFLOW appointed TULA as its distributor in Vietnam: compressed air products
316L Stainless Steel Mini Nozzle
One Point Ionizer OPI: Máy ion Hoá Một Điểm OPI
Electronic Temperature Control
Panel Cooler
Blind Hole Cleaning System
Fume And Dust Extractor: Bộ hút khói và bụi
Reversible Drum Angel / Drum Pump: Bơm thùng phi thuận nghịch
Ring Vac™ Air Operated Conveyor Systems
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Air Blade™ Air Knives: Dao khí nén
Air Amplifiers: Bộ khuếch đại khí nén
Air Mag™ Air Nozzles : Vòi phun khí nén
Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzles: Vòi Phun Phẳng Air Edger™
Manifold Mounted Systems: Bộ kết nối vòi khí nén
Ring Blade™ Air Wipe Blowoff Systems: Hệ Thống Vòng Thổi Khí
Safety Air Guns: Súng khí nén an toàn
Adjustable Spot Coolers: Bộ Làm Mát Điểm Điều Chỉnh Được
Frigid-x™ Box Cooler: Bộ Làm Mát Hộp Kín Frigid-X™
Cabinet Enclosure Coolers: Bộ Làm Mát Khoang Tủ Kín
Silent X-Stream™ Panel Coolers: Bộ Làm Mát Triệt Âm Bảng Điều Khiển
Mini Spot Coolers: Bộ Làm Mát Điểm Mini
Mist Tool Cooling System: Hệ Thống Làm Mát Dụng Cụ Phun Sương
Vortex Tube Tool Cooling Systems: Hệ Thống Làm Mát Dụng Cụ Ống Xoáy Vortex
Vortex Tubes: Ống Xoáy Vortex
Pulse Air Flow Saver Units: Bộ tiết kiệm lưu lượng xung khí
Compact Sound Meter: Máy đo độ ồn
PLCFC Control System: Hệ Thống Điều Khiển PLCFC
90061 Ultrasonic Leak Detectors: Máy Dò Rò Rỉ Siêu Âm model 90061
Ion Air Blowers: Máy Thổi Khí ion
Silent X-Stream™ Ion Air Knives: Dao Khí ion Triệt Âm
Ion Air Knives: Dao Khí ion Tiêu Chuẩn
Ionizing Air Gun: Súng Hơi Ion Hoá
Ion Blaster Beam™: Súng Bắn Chùm Tia ion
Static Control Power Supplies: Bộ nguồn kiểm soát tĩnh điện
Static Eliminator Bars: Thanh Khử Tĩnh Điện
Filters With Auto Drain: Bộ lọc có chức năng Xả Tự Động
Pneumatic Water and Oil Separator: Bộ Tách Nước và Dầu Khí Nén
Static Measurement: Thiết Bị Đo Tĩnh Điện
Expel® Water, Oil, And Particulate Filter: Bộ Lọc Nước, Dầu, và Chất Hạt Expel
AVG MAG-Drain: Hệ thống xả tự động
Regulators With Gauges: Bộ Điều Chỉnh Áp Suất Có Đồng Hồ Đo
Rigid Flex Hose
Manual Valves
Mechanical Thermostat And Solenoid Valve Kit
Muffler for Vortex Tubes
Mounting System For Air Blade Air Knives & Amplifiers
Magnetic Base
Reclassifier Mufflers
Temperature Sensing Labels
Stainless Steel Shim Kits
Bypass System for Panel Coolers
Hot And Cold End Muffler
Box Cooler
Vortex Tube Experimental Kit
Stainless Steel Shim Kit For Air Knives
Extension for X-Stream™ Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns
Easy Grip Safety Air Gun
Standard Air Blade™ Air Knife
Coupling Kit
Stainless Steel Rigid Flex Hose
Manifold System
Shim For Air Edger™ Flat Jet Air Nozzles
Frigid-X™ By-Pass System for Panel cooler
Stainless Steel Shim Kit For Air Amplifiers
Mini Frigid-X™ Cooler
Brass Generator for Vortex Tubes
Blind Hole Cleaning System Kit
Extensions For Easy Grip Safety Air Gun
Adjustable Air Amplifier
Muffling Kit For Panel Cooler

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