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Shenzhen KESD Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Danh mục nội dung: Chuyên mục chính/3. Hệ thống, công cụ và thiết bị phát triển sản xuất điện tử/3.4. Hệ thống dây chuyền sản xuất SMT (SMT Line system)

  GDK Full Automatic SMD Stencil Printing Machine GDK 5M: Máy in kem hàn tự động GDK 5M
  Part#: GDK GDK 5M
  Ghi chú: Máy in kem hàn tự động
  Nhãn hiệu: GDK (China/Trung Quốc)
  Bảo hành: 12 tháng.
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 ◊ Đặc điểm chính:

GDK Full Automatic SMD Stencil Printing Machine PCBA Board Solder Paste Screen Printer GDK 5m for SMT Assembly Line
Max. board Size(X x Y):530mm x 510mm
Stencil frame size:470mm x 370mm~737 mm x 737 mm
Cleaning system:1.Programmable washer fluid injection system; 2. Dry, wet and vacuum modes
Machine Alignment repeatability :±10.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0
Full process repeatability: ±15.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0

GDK 5M automatic solder paste printer is for large PCB, can use to printing 0402/0201/01005 components PCB plates. it has better molding and soldering volume. and can be placed back to back or used by a single machine. Printing range is 530mmx510mm.With CE Certificate/ Award Certificate/ Software work Certificate/ Software ework Certificat/ Certificate of Authorization.

 ◊ Mô tả chi tiết:

Technical Parameters:

PCB boarding Handling Paramater
Max. board Size(X x Y) 530mm x 510mm
Min. board Size(X x Y) 50mm x 50mm
PCB thickness Range 0.4mm~6mm
PCB Warpage ≤1%Diagonal
Max. board weight 5Kg
PCB edge clearance Configuration to 3mm
PCB bottom clearance 20mm
Conveyor speed (Max.) 1500mm/s(Max)
Conveyor height  900±40mm
Conveyor direction L-R,R-L,L-L,R-R
Transfer mode One stage  Conveyor
PCB Clamping method Automatic adjustment of PCB thickness + Programmable elastic side clamp 
(Option:1.Edge locking base plate pressing;2.Bottom integral cavity vacuum;
3.Bottom multi-point local vacuum)
Support method Magnetic thimble + Equal high block.(Optional:1.vacuum suction cavity;2.special workpiece fixture)
Printing parameters
Printing head Floating intelligent printing head   (two independent direct connected motors)
Stencil frame size 470mm x 370mm~737 mm x 737 mm
Max. printing area(X x Y) 530mm x 510mm
Squeegee Material/Angle Steel squeegee/ Rubber  squeegee(Angel 45°/50°/60° matching the printing process)
Squeegee length 300mm+520mm(optional with length of 200mm-550mm)
Squeegee height 65±1mm
Squeegee thickness 0.25mm Diamond-like carbon coating
Print mode Single or dual squeegee printing
Demoulding length 0.02 mm - 12 mm
Print  speed 0 ~ 200 mm/s
Print pressure 0.5kg - 10Kg
Print stroke ±275 mm(From the center)
Cleaning parameters
Cleaning system 1.Programmable washer fluid injection system; 2. Dry, wet and vacuum modes 
Length of cleaning and wiping board 300mm+500mm(optional with 400mm, 450mm)
Optical System
Field of view 8mm x 6mm
Printing table adjustment range X:±5.0mm,Y:±7.0mm,θ:±2.0°
Fiducial Types Standard Fiducial type(Circle, triangle, square, diamond, cross)(SMEMA standard),solder pad/openings
Vision methodology Independent camera,upwards/downwards imaging vision system,geometric matching location  
Performance parameters
Machine Alignment repeatability  ±10.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0
Full process repeatability ±15.0μm @6 σ,Cpk ≥ 2.0
Core Cycle time 7.5s(Exclude printing and cleaning)
Product Changeover Time <5min
Power supply AC220V±10%,50/60HZ,15A
Air supply 4~6Kg/cm²
Air Consumption About 5L/min
Operating system (OS) Windows XP  (Option Win 7 & WIN10)
External dimension 1220mm(L) x1530mm(W) x 1520mm(H)(Without light,monitor and keyboard)
Machine weight Appro.980Kg
User Permission Different users have different permissions (fingerprint identification entering / password input)
Environment temperature 23±3°C
Relative humidity 45~70%RH4

 Thêm chi tiết:

Standard Configuration:

1. Accurate optical positioning system
Adjustable four light sources, light intensity is adjustable,light is uniform, and image acquisition is more perfect; Good identification (including uneven mark points), apply for tinning,copper plating, Gold plating,tin spraying,FPC and other types of PCB with different colors.

2. High efficiency and high adaptability stencil cleaning system
The new wiping system ensures full contact with the stencil and large vacuum suction,Ensure to eliminate the solder paste in the mesh, create an anti-static stick roller,and completely remove The solder paste adsorbed in the stencil and mesh truly realizes the effective automatic cleaning function.

3. Printing axis servo drive
Squeegee Y axis servo with screw drive, higher accuracy, more stable operation, extended service life provides a good printing control platform for customers.

4. Intelligent squeegee system
Intelligent programmable setting, two independent direct motors driven squeegee, built-in precise zero pressure detection system.

5. Simple and reliable PCB positioning system
The platform height is automatically calibrate d according to PCB thickness setting, which is intelligent, fast,simple and reliable in structure.

6. 2D solder paste printing quality inspection and SPC analysis
2D function for offset, less tin, leakage, tin connection and other printing problems can be quickly detected,the detection point arbitrary increase;The SPC software can analyze the samples collected by the machine CPK index ensures printing quality.

Available Options Configuration:

GDK Full Automatic SMD Stencil Printing Machine PCBA Board Solder Paste Screen Printer GDK 5m for SMT Assembly Line

1. Automatic solder paste filling function
Regular and fixed point automatic addition of solder paste,to ensure the quality of solder paste and the amount of solder paste in the stencil. In order to ensure that the customer can carry out the quality of stable and continuous printing for a long time, improve productivity.
Can be real-time monitoring the roll diameter of the solder paste on screen trigger automatically add functionality

2. Detection function of solder paste margin of stencil
Real time detection of solder paste margin (thickness) on stencil,intelligent prompt for tin filling

3. Detection functionof Stencil plugging
By compensating the light source above the stencil, CCD is used to check the mesh in real time,so as to quickly detect and judge whether the stencil is blocked after cleaning,and carry out automatic cleaning, which is a supplement to the 2D detection of PCB.

4. Automatic dispensing function
According to different printing process requirements, PCB can be accurately dispensing tin,line drawing,filing and other functional operations after printing.

5. Squeegee pressure close-loop feedback control
Built in precise digital pressure sensor control system, through the squeegee pressure feedback system, it can accurately display the original pressure value of the squeegee,intelligently adjust the depth of the squeegee pressure,ensure the constant pressure value inthe printing process and obtain the highest process control, and realize the perfect printing of high-density and fine spacing devices.

6. Temperature and humidity control function
Automatic regulation and supervision of temperature and humidity in the printing press to ensure the stable physical characteristics of printing Materials.

7. Magnetic squeegee
Magnetic adsorption squeegee blade,instead of screw hole positioning mode, convenient and quick replacement.

8. Vacuum suction plate and upperpress function
It can automatically clamp PCB of various sizes and thicknesses to effectively overcome the deformation of the board,Make sure that the tin is evenly printed.

9. Support MES system seamless docking
It can scan the 1D code 2D code on the customer PCB and record the relevant information.which can be shared with the customer MES system. MES system uses 2D code,1D code, mobile IOT and other technologies to conduct scientific management on the warehouse material preparation and prevention, incoming material picking management, material loading and error prevention,production scheduling,quality traceability,Kanban control,etc. in the SMT production process. Through the optimization process to improve the production efficiency,improve product quality,shorten the production cycle, reduce the manufacturing cost,to achieve a comprehensive and scientific traceability management,to help enterprises quickly respond to market changes, improve the core competitiveness.

10. SPI online function interface
A closed-oop system is formed by connecting with SPI.After receiving feedback information of defective SPI printing, the machine will automatically adjust the offset according to SPI feedback. The XY offset can be adjusted automatically within 3PC.and clean the stencil, improve the printing quality and production efficiency,constitute a complete printing feedback system.

Other Available options Configuration:

Item No. Function
1 Paste Roll Height Monitor (aPRHM)
2 Internal temperature and humidity detection on the work area
3 Window 10 system
4 Upper Press Function
5 PCB Size 525 mm * 350 mm
6 PCB board support method Grid-Lock
7 Support pins or support block detection sensor
8 Squeegee holder
9 System of adding solder paste from cartridge Semko 6 Oz
10 Control - by touch screen monitor
11 PC must have (SSD)
12 Range of adjustment feets from 45 to 160 mm
13 6.1 Software can save log-files
6. 2 Log-files contain data about all possible parameters of the equipment
6.3 Discreetness of data saving may be set up without limits
6.4 Export of log-files to Excel or Access
6.5 Alarm system in case of parameters are not correspond to preset parameters
6.6 Possibility of remote export of log files
6.7 For all parameters of the equipment there will be possibility of setting up of critical value of such parameters and further actions (means stoppage or further work with indication and information in separate log-file) with marks in log-files only in case of preset parameters will go beyond critical value.
14 UPS

GDK Full Automatic SMD Stencil Printing Machine GDK 5M: Máy in kem hàn tự động GDK 5M
Full Automatic Printer MXE PLUS: Máy in kem hàn tự đông MXE PLUS
0.65m Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer PROSTAR
GDK SMT Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer NEO for mini-led: Máy in kem hàn tự động, Model NEO
2000mm Solder Paste Printer L2000: Máy in kem hàn tự động L2000
GDK Full Automatic Screen Printer GALAXY: Máy in kem hàn tự động GALAXY
HTGD (GDK) Original Factory Solder Paste Printer MX PLUS: Máy in kem hàn tự động MX PLUS
GDK Solder Paste Printer TSE: Máy in kem hàn tự động GDK TSE
Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Screen Printer XS: Máy in kem hàn tự động GDK XS
Semi Auto Solder Paste Printing Machine GDK SSP-600: Máy in kem hàn bán tự động

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