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lượt xem, tính từ 20/12/2006

(Products Line-Card)

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Princeton Technology Corporation - Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Danh mục nội dung: Danh mục chính/3. Hệ thống, công cụ và thiết bị phát triển sản xuất điện tử/3.5. Thiết bị gia công sản xuất, chế tạo bo mạch điện tử PCBA

  PCB V-cut Depaneling Machine: Máy cắt bo mạch in PCB 2017-08-03

Ghi chú : Máy cắt bo mạch PCB
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Nhãn hiệu: Ren Thang

Xuất xứ (C/O) : Đài Loan/Taiwan

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Tính năng :

PCB V-cut Depaneling Machine

  Mô tả chi tiết :

Pre-scored PCB Depaneling Machine

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   Product No. :  NTG-520N 
  • Separating the V-cut panel boards in the principle of non-bending stress.
  • The knives are adjustable both in axial and radial directions.
  • The round knives separate the board within the V-groove.
  • Slightly adjust according to PCB thickness.
  • The depaneling maximum of PCB width is 160mm, the PCB length is unlimited.

V-CUT PCB Depaneling Machine

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   Product No. :  NTG-11 
  • Agree with all kinds of PCB with V-cut.
  • Adjustable Speed from 0 to 70 R.P.M.
  • Reduce chaps from SMT soldering spots.
  • This PCB moving separation is suitable for twin-board or large number.
  • Limit components below the PCB to 20mm, 2mm to V-cut.
  • Limit component upon the PCB to 20mm, 2mm to V-Cut.

V-CUT Blade-moving type PCB Depaneling Machine

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   Product No. :  NTG-430 
  • With no banding stress design idea to operate V-Cut PCB separated process. Lay down PC board.Rotary movement blade, Separated PCB without stress.
  • Cutting process is adjustable in stage. PC board separated very fast, Operated with D.C. motor without carbon brush.
  • The cutting force is stably. The speed of blade is adjustable.
  • Line with the V-cut flute and apart PC board.
  • Round blade and long knife bottom side could be adjust slightly.
  • The blade and knife could be re-sharpened, Special design for odd type component across the cutting flute is available suitable for separate long and short size PC board.
  • Precision and durable mechanism.

Blade-moving type PCB Depaneling Machine

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   Product No. :  NTG-20 
  • Suitable for all V-CUT PC board. Be able to minimize the production of stress and to prevent the cracking of the soldering spot.
  • Because only the blade moves ( the PCB board to be cut is fixed), this model is specially designed for both PC boards with through hole and super-thin PC boards.
  • This motor is secured against electrical leakage. ( Note: An ordinary induced AC motor often endures the trouble of about 10W electrical leakage, therefore, if resistance, IC, transistor or electronic parts contacts the motor, it may pass through the motor).
  • Under the sufficiently supplies illumination and protected by the emergency braking device, the operator can steadily control the distance of moving blade with a push button and a foot switch. Both the upper and the bottom blades made of imported high-speed steel ensure high strength and durability. Each cutter ensures at least 100-day service life under the condition of 8-hour working per day. A cutter can endure 7 to 10 times sharpening.
  • This model is space-saving, compact and lightweight.
  • Can be easy operated ensuring high safety and accuracy and easy maintenance.
  • Customers request for PC boards with extraordinarily high or long parts is accepted.

V-CUT Pre-scored PCB Depaneling Machine - Moving Blade Type with Belt Conveyor

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   Product No. :  NTG-20NS 
  • NTG-20NS is NTG-20 with Belt conveyor, which is suitable for massive production.
  • Belt Conveyor obtains TWO directions for option: to Left or to Right.
  • Rotary speed of round blade is adjustable.
  • No bending stress during cutting.
  • Round blade and straight knife can be re-sharpened.
  • Three cutting routes is preset.

Pre-scored PCB Depaneling machine, PCB Separator: Pneumatic Type

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   Product No. :  NTG-350 
  • The machine was designed to depanel pre-scored panelboards carefully, without bending or tension stress.
  • Even sensitive SMD-Components like ceramic capacitors, will not be damaged by the depaneling process, or thin board even to 0.3mm cab be worked safely.
  • Due to the special design of the knives also boards with high components placed close to the edges can be depaneled safely.Based on a proven method of depaneling, wedge-shaped knives are used to cut the panels within the groove.
  • This enables the boards less than 1mm thickness to be separated safely and without creating stress. This machine is pneumatically driven using standard parts. It is noiseless operation with none of usual compressed air noises. Rigid design without vibration in operation
  • The PCB with sensitive SMD capacitor or thin board even to 0.3mm can be worked safely.Gap for insertion of the board can easily be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob in front of the machine.Gap for insertion of the board can easily be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob in front of the machine.Gap for insertion of the board can easily be adjusted by means of the adjusting knob in front of the machine.
  • Depaneling process without vibrations
  • Pneumatic control placed in a separate unit for easier maintenance.

  Tốc độ :


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