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lượt xem, tính từ 20/12/2006

(Products Line-Card)

Flash Support Group




Princeton Technology Corporation - Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Danh mục nội dung: Danh mục chính/3. Hệ thống, công cụ và thiết bị phát triển sản xuất điện tử/3.4. Hệ thống dây chuyền sản xuất SMT (SMT Line system)

  NeoDen4: mini SMT Pick and Place Machine (Máy dán chip SMT mini tự động) 2018-05-28

Part#: NeoDen4
Ghi chú : Máy dán chip SMT mini,
tích hợp camera, băng tải PCB
Download Datasheet   Báo giá Quotation sheet

Nhãn hiệu: Neoden

Xuất xứ (C/O) : Trung Quốc/ China

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Tính năng :


NeoDen4, the brand new and long-awaited model of NeoDen, is a desktop Pick and Place machine with vision system.

As a professional PnP machine designer and developer, NeoDen has been doing research in SMT industry since 2010. Neoden4 equipped dual cameras, auto rails, auto electronic feeders and 4 placement heads, which could support to mount 0201, BGA, QFN, especially, it is applicable for 0.8m/1.2m/1.5m LED strip. NeoDen4 is the best choice to satisfy all demands of high precision, high capacity, stable performance and low cost.

This is a huge breakthrough not only for NeoDen, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises, those who want to improve placement accuracy and speed up PCB assembly with a limited budget.

Kiểu loại :

SMT, Mounter

  Mô tả chi tiết :

Check out video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P7DDSTXIQo 

New features

1. Vision system (an up-looking camera and a down-looking camera) identifies and calibrates the different components simultaneously, and tremendously improves the accuracy of placement from 0201 to BGA;

2. Auto rails help to achieve continuous placement and solve the problem of long LED strip, such as 0.8m, 1.2m and 1.5m LED strip;   (this is option intergrated for only NeoDen4 with Rails)

3. Auto electric feeders greatly reduce the feeding deviation;

4. General conveyor is supported, so a SMT production line can be setup, which is more time-saving and labor-saving;   (this is option intergrated for only NeoDen4 with Rails)

5. Four placement heads help to pick up and calibrate components at the same time; 

6. The device supports remote system upgrade, NeoDen provides a life-long system upgrade service without charge.


Heads  qty



( under factory test condition)

Vision on:  5000CPH

Vision off: 10000CPH

Feeder qty

Tape reel feeders: 48

Vibration feeders: 5

Tray feeders: 5

Detachable rails

1 set

Applicable components

Smallest Component  size: 0201

Largest Component size: TQFP240

BGA, QFN, 1.5m LED strip

Component Height




Positioning Accuracy


X-Y repeatability


Applicable PCB area

With Rails: 310*150mm, 

Without Rails: 350*400mm   (option)

Placement Area

Without waffle Tray: 310*150mm   (if with Rails)

Without waffle Tray:310*400mm  (if without Rails)

With 1 waffle Tray: 140*150mm   (if with Rails)

With 1 waffle Tray: 140*400mm  (if without Rails)

Main Control


Power Supply




External Dimensions

Machine size:  87*68*48cm

Packing size:   94*74*60cm


Net Weight:    60kg

Gross weight:  80kg


1) Pick and Place Machine NeoDen4: 1

2) Nozzle: Totally10 ( XN07=3, XN14=3, XN40=2, XN22=2 )                                                  

3) 8G Flash Drive: 1

4) Power Cord (5M): 1

5) Video training course: 1 

6) Double Sided Adhesive Tape: 2

7) Allen wrench Set: 5

8) Tool Box: 1

9) Reel holder stand: 1

10) Vibration Feeder: 1                                  

11) Rail Parts: 4    (option for NeoDen4 with Rails)

12) User Manual: 1

Why choose NeoDen

1. NeoDen is specialized in Desktop Pick and Place machine with more than 30 patents and CE certificate.

2. Total 8 Agencies in Japan, India, EU, South Korea, Iran, Turkey, Brazil and Chile, which helps to provide direct service and better communication in local territories.

3. The after-sale service team consists of 14 professional engineers, which contributes to not only faster and better response of customers’ queries and enquiries, but also more efficient and professional solutions all year round.

4. Light weight body,occupy small area

5. User friendly interface,no need professional SMT engineer,entry-level device

6. High integrated,no need extra pump or any supporting facility

7. High accuracy and reliability,make up the defection of manual work

8. Low cost,reduce expense to own a professional automatic SMT production line

9. International express with door to door service, 3-5 working days delivery

10. Especial for laboratory research and development,samples,to avoid any patents and designs revealment


The guarantee period is 2 years from the time of purchase and lifelong service support as well as a long-term factory price supply. NeoDen will provide online Q/A and troubleshooting support and technical advice service.

NeoDen4--- Desktop Pick and Place Machine with Vision System(with auto rails)

NeoDen4 --- Desktop Pick and Place Machine with Vision System (without auto rails)

  Tốc độ :


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TULA: becomes the authorized distributor for Neoden Chip mounter
NeoDen3V: mini SMT Mounter - Máy dán chip SMT mini
NeoDen4: mini SMT Pick and Place Machine (Máy dán chip SMT mini tự động)

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