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lượt xem, tính từ 20/12/2006

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Princeton Technology Corporation - Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Danh mục nội dung: Danh mục chính/2. Thiết bị đo lường và kiểm tra điện tử/2.0. Máy hiện sóng Oscilloscope (Máy dao động ký)

  PicoConnect 900 Series Probe: Que đo hiện sóng cao cấp của Pico 2016-10-25

Ghi chú : Que đo thụ động cao tần, passive probe
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Nhãn hiệu: Pico

Xuất xứ (C/O): Anh Quốc/ UK

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Tính năng :

Hanoi, GMT+7 - Hãng sản xuất máy hiện sóng nền PC đứng đầu Thế giới Pico Technology chính thức công bố sự ra đời của dòng que đo thụ động (passive probe) cao tần, ít nhiễu "PicoConnect 900 Series" nhằm hướng tới các ứng dụng vi sóng (microwave) tốc độ gigabit lên tới 9GHz và 18Gb/s. Chúng có hiệu suất chưa từng có và linh hoạt ở mức giá thấp.

Hanoi - GMT+7, Pico Technology known as a Global leading maker of PC-based Oscilloscopes just announces a range of passive probes intended for affordable probing and analysis for high-performance design and test, the PicoConnect 900 SeriesThese low-invasive, high-frequency passive probes are designed for microwave and gigabit applications up to 9 GHz and 18 Gb/s. They deliver unprecedented performance and flexibility at a low price.
  Mô tả chi tiết :

PicoConnect gigabit digital passive test probes


A family of high-performance gigabit test probes allowing cost-effective fingertip browsing of broadband data streams out to 18 Gb/s. These include the now ubiquitous USB 2 & 3, HDMI 1 & 2, Ethernet, PCIe, SATA and LVDS standards.

Cost-effective test and measurement solutions have struggled to keep up with the increased use of broadband digital communications, particularly in the field of low-invasive transmission line probing solutions. With less than 0.4 pF tip capacitance and ground-referred loading of 220 Ω to 910 Ω, overall the PicoConnect probes are less invasive than the majority of existing and more costly probing solutions. To achieve measurement accuracies down to a few percent they are ratio-compensated for their typical application: the probing of transmission lines and ports between 40 Ω and 100 Ω (80 Ω to 200 Ω differential).

Suited to interfacing with any measuring instrument with 50 Ω inputs, PicoConnect probes allow broadband oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer users to browse circuitry, backplanes, interconnect and systems, typically without interrupting their function, and to do so across multiple channels without breaking a budget. They are particularly cost-effective in applications ranging from 1 Gb/s to 12 Gb/s.

Capture real-world gigabit data or eye without disturbing data flow. HDMI eye for data on a live monitor feed.

The probe family offers division ratios of ÷5, ÷10 and ÷20 with impedances to suit low-voltage, high-speed, typically digital applications. For each ratio there is a DC or AC coupled option, the latter important when DC bias must not be disturbed (as with HDMI, ECL, PECL and LVDS). The whole family is realized as a set of interchangeable SMA(f) probe heads that can be used with any appropriate 50 Ω cable, or accessories such as filters, dividers, amplifiers and further attenuation.

PicoConnect probes are specified and characterized with a supplied 085 high-performance flexible coaxial cable, with which they achieve market-leading flatness and pulse response. The innovative in-PCB coplanar construction (patent pending) guarantees underlying microwave integrity along with mechanical precision, strength and electromagnetic immunity. The passive design is inherently resistant to static discharge and demonstrates no significant overload recovery latency or error. The PicoConnect probes and multi-head probe kits are provided with solder-in accessories in a convenient carry and storage case.

Pico Technology launches the PicoConnect 900 Series low-invasive, high-frequency passive probes, which are designed for microwave and gigabit applications up to 9 GHz and 18 Gb/s. They deliver unprecedented performance and flexibility at a low price.  

Passive GHz probes challenge active cousins

Passive microwave PCB probes can equal active probes at far lower cost, is the claim of UK scope maker Pico Technology as it showed its new range of 9GHz probes at European Microwave Week in London.

 Called the PicoConnect 900 Series, it contains a range of probes, including 4GHz versions (see below).

PicoConnect rise time

All have typically 0.3pF residual capacitance, and the 9GHz ‘925’ and ‘926’ “typically have 10% overshoot, which is low for a probe of this bandwidth”, Pico business development manager and probe designer Mark Ashcroft told Electronics Weekly. Maximums are 0.4pF and 20% – “Every probe is characterised. There are other low-impedance probes, but they tend not to be characterised”, added Ashcroft.

Key to performance is the transmission line design through the probes. It enters through three pins – two ground and one signal (see photo) at an impedance of 200Ω – and continues through a novel PCB – for which a patent has been applied for – to the output SMA connector.

One of the novel things about the PCB is that, to get best performance, the necessary passive components are inside its multi-layer structure.

“We had a lot of help from the PCB company and a lot of help from the PCB assembly company,” said Ashcroft. “The pin structure is actually good for 20GHz.”

All that is needed for operation is that the probe be connected to the 50Ω input of a scope, spectrum analyser, micro-voltmeter or protocol analyser.

Passive high-frequency probes live in the shadow of their active counterparts, said Ashcroft, because despite being available from several companies “they are not well promoted as an adequate solution because they take business away from active probes”.

Pico Tech probe kitAs a rule-of-thumb, he said, the formula: $1,000 + $1,000/GHz will generally predict the price of an active probe up to 30GHz, while his passive probes are available for $3,295 for a kit of six, or for between £649 and £899 each, depending on type.

The kit has ac and dc-coupled version of 1/5 (>9GHz), 1/10 (>7GHz) and 1/20 (>6GHz) probes.

“We encourage people to buy the kit,” said Ashcroft, “it comes with two flexi cables with SMA connectors, and BNC adapter which is good for around 3GHz.”

AC-coupled version are included to block DC bias current flowing from uni-polar data signals.

For when the PCB-under-test does not match with the spacing of the probe pins, the tips can be pulled out and replaced with wire supplied in the kit – which can also be soldered to the PCB. A guide to shaping the wire for best performance is being written.

In a demo, Ashcroft probed a live HDMI cable, without up-setting the display on the monitor it was connected to.

The scope in this case was a 20GHz (17.5ps) example from Pico’s 9300 series of sampling scopes.

According to Ashcroft, few manufacturers make sampling scopes now. In this one, the front-end sampler is backed up by a 16bit 1Msample/s ADC. “A million points per second. Even expensive bench tops don’t go this fast,” he said.

The probes are designed and made in the UK.

Pico Tech probe HDMI



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