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lượt xem, tính từ 20/12/2006

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Flash Support Group




Princeton Technology Corporation - Car and Consumer IC Solutions Provider


Danh mục nội dung: Danh mục chính/II. Linh kiện điện tử và công cụ phát triển/II.4. RF IC (chip giao tiếp vô tuyến) và giải pháp RF Soc

  A7137: 2.4GHz 2Mbps Transceiver IC 64 bytes FIFO 10dBm, QFN20 2018-09-06

Part#: A7137
Giá (chưa VAT): 33.900đ
Ghi chú: 2400~2483.5MHz
Tài liệu Datasheet   Báo giá Quotation sheet

Nhãn hiệu: AMICCOM

Xuất xứ: RFIC

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Đặc điểm:

A7137 is a 10dBm output power and low cost 2.4GHz ISM band wireless transceiver. This device integrates both high sensitivity receiver (-90dBm @ 2Mbps) and programmable power amplifier (-18 ~ 10dBm). Based on Data Rate Register (39h), user can configure on-air data rates for 2Mbps or 1Mbps or 500Kbps operation.

Tính năng riêng:

Tranceiver: 2M~500Kbps, -90@2Mbps, 10dBm

  Mô tả sản phẩm:

A7137 supports fast settling time (90 us) for frequency hopping system. For packet handling, A7137 has built-in separated 64-bytes TX/RX FIFO (could be logically extended to 4K bytes) for data buffering and burst transmission, auto-ack and auto-resend, CRC for error packet filtering, FEC for 1-bit data correction per code word, RSSI for clear channel assessment, thermal sensor for monitoring relative temperature, WOR (Wake on RX) function to support periodically wake up from sleep mode to RX mode and listen for incoming packets without MCU interaction, data whitening for data encryption / decryption. In addition, A7137 has built-in AES128 co-processor (Advanced Encryption Standard) for advanced data encryption and decryption which consists of the transformation of a 128-bit block into an encrypted 128-bit block. Those functions are very easy to use while developing a wireless system. All features are integrated in a small QFN 4X4 20 pins package.

A7137’s control registers are accessed via 3-wire or 4-wire SPI interface such as TX/RF FIFO, ID register, RSSI value, frequency hopping to chip calibration procedures. Another one, via SPI as well, is the unique Strobe command; A7137 can be controlled from power saving mode (deep sleep, sleep, idle, standby), PLL mode, TX mode and RX mode. The other connections between A7137 and MCU are GIO1 and GIO2 (multi-function GPIO) to output A7137’s status so that MCU could use either polling or interrupt scheme for radio control. Overall, this device is very easy-to-use for developing a wireless application with a MCU.


Small size (QFN4 X4, 20 pins).
Frequency band: 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz.
FSK or GFSK modulation
Low current consumption: RX 24mA, TX 35.5mA (at 10dBm output power).
Deep sleep current (0.1 uA).
Sleep current (4 uA).
On chip regulator, support input voltage 2.0 ~ 3.6 V.
Programmable data rate 500Kbps / 1Mbps / 2Mbps.
Programmable TX power level from – 18 dBm to 10 dBm.
High RX sensitivity:
-90dBm at 2Mbps on-air data rate.
-94dBm at 1Mbps on-air data rate.
-96dBm at 500Kbps on-air data rate.
Fast settling time (90 us) synthesizer for frequency hopping system.
On chip low power RC oscillator for WOR (Wake on RX) function.
Built-in AES128 co-processor
AGC (Auto Gain Control) for the wide RSSI dynamic range.
AFC (Auto Frequency Compensation) for frequency drift due to temperature.
Support low cost crystal (16 MHz).
Low Battery Detector indication.
Easy to use.
Support 3-wire or 4-wire SPI.
Unique Strobe command via SPI.
ONE register setting for new channel frequency.
CRC Error Packet Filtering.
Auto-acknowledgement and auto-resend.
Dynamic FIFO length.
8-bits RSSI measurement for clear channel indication.
Auto Calibrations.
Auto IF function.
Auto FEC by (7, 4) Hamming code (1 bit error correction / code word).
Separated 64 bytes RX and TX FIFO.
Easy FIFO / Segment FIFO / FIFO Extension (up to 4K bytes).
Support FIFO mode frame sync to MCU.
Support direct mode with recovery clock output to MCU.


Application Note
Reference circuit design (Module)
Reference code
Evaluation kit (EK)
Development Kit (DK)
*Please contact the agents or sales for more details


2.4GHz audio streaming
2.4GHz active RF ID
2.4GHz airplanes and helicopter
2400 ~ 2483.5 MHz ISM band system
Wireless home security and automation
Wireless toys and game controllers


TULA - AMICCOM start the partnership in Vietnam
A7137: 2.4GHz 2Mbps Transceiver IC 64 bytes FIFO 10dBm, QFN20
A8137: 2.4GHz TRX SoC 2Mbps with 16K flash 10dBm, QFN40
A8105: Bluetooth SoC with 32K flash, QFN40
A7139: Low current sub_1GHz -118/20dBm RF FSK Transceiver IC, QFN24
A9108: A7108 SoC with 16K flash, QFN40
A7128: sub_1GHz 500K/2M bps -88/10dBm RF FSK Transceiver IC, QFN20
A7103: sub_1GHz 20K bps RF ASK/FSK Transceiver IC, SSOP24

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